Picayune Main St, Inc

200 Highway 11, South
P.O. Box 1656
Picayune, MS  39466
Phone: 601-799-3070
Fax:  601-749-3319
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City of Picayune Map

City of Picayune Map

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Picayune History

Picayune citizens take pride in our City motto, “A precious coin in the purse of the South.” Originally chartered in 1904 the city was named for a Spanish coin called a picayune by Eliza Jane Poitevent Nicholson, owner/editor of  New Orleans Newspaper, Daily Picayune.

Then known as a railroad stop on the Norfolk-Southern line where steam engines were added for the trip north, up the steepening grade, the City quickly grew at the height of the timber boom as giant stands of virgin yellow pine were cut and shipped all over the world in the early 1900s.

After the timber industry depleted, the towns of the Pearl River were absorbed in NASA’s John C Stennis Space Center. Once again the area thrived and became the place where transportation and technology took us to the Moon and beyond, Picayune’s future continues.

Notable History

According to Legend in the 1700’s, Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Jerome, was headquartered on the river below Picayune.

In 1811, while the territory was inhabited by Pirates and Choctaw Indians, Stephen Jarrell became the first white settler. Jarrell built a trading post on Hobolochitto Creek aka Boley Creek- named after Chief Hobolochitto who Jarrell negotiated the land deal.

In 1812, Gen. Andrew Jackson passed through on his way to the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson Landing Road is a legacy of his visit. “Old Hickory” had a quartermaster named Moses Cook who was sent to obtain supplies at Jarrell’s post. Cook returned after the war and purchased the post.

Board of Directors

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- Jessica Tebo
- Suzan Wilson
- Tim Hart
- Bill Edwards
- Gidget O'Daniels
- Norman Howell
- Eric Morris
- Byron Hill
- Ted Barze'
- Raquel Theriot


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