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200 Highway 11, South
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City of Picayune Map

City of Picayune Map

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Shay Locomotive

Located in Railroad Park
201 Highway 11 North
Picayune, MS 39466

This wood burning, gear-driven Shay locomotive, one of the last of about 4,000 which were used in logging operations in the South in the early Twentieth Century, was given to the City of Picayune by L.O. Crosby, Jr.

Crosby-owned Goodyear Yellow Pine Company and Rosa Lumber Company, both located nearby, owned ten or fifteen of these engines during operations from about 1916 to 1939. There were many others in Pearl River County, and hundreds in the State of Mississippi.

This engine, produced in 1925 by the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc., was numbered 3281, and was produced on patents taken out February 18, 1908, and subsequently. These engines were wood-burning, getting fuel from scrap in the woods. The odd, inverted coffee pot smokestack was covered with a screen and was designed to catch sparks and prevent woods fires.


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